Full Share


Full Share


Full Share - Overview

  • 24 weeks (June 5 - November 14)

  • Delivered Weekly

  • 8-9 Items, Including at least 1 Fruit or Berry

  • Specialty Items Included ( At least 4 throughout the season)

  • News Letter and Recipes (Emailed Weekly)

Paying in Full - Bonuses

  • Extra Veggies when there are high yields and bumper crops.

  • Extra Specialty items.

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How Paying in Full Works

  • You take on the full risk of the farm and essentially buy into our growing season. When we have high yields of crops, you receive extra items in your weekly share. Also in bad seasons, the crops may be limited.

  • We add extra specialty items through out the season (on top of the 4 already included).

Once you have Signed Up

  • We will notify you by email a week before the season starts, and let you know what day your share will be delivered. Normally Wednesday or Thursday starting in June.

  • Your delivery day will remain the same throughout the season unless we notify you.

  • Your box will contain 8-9 items from what is harvested that week at the farm.

  • You do not have to be present when we drop off your box; leave the previous box out for the farm to reuse.

  • Check your email for our News Letter, and recipes for each week’s delivery.

  • We suggest placing a cooler outside, but isn’t required.

  • Facebook is also a great place to stay informed. We ask everyone that signs up to like our Page.

  • As always call or email me with any question you have, or check out our FAQ page.