Full Share


Full Share


Full Share - Overview

  • Delivered Weekly

  • 24 weeks (June 5 - November 14)

  • 8-9 Items, Including at least 1 Fruit or Berry

  • Specialty Items Included ( At least 4 throughout the season)

  • News Letter and Recipes (Emailed Weekly)


  • First 2 Weeks are paid at sign-up. (June 5, 13)

  • 22 payments of $38 are paid weekly during the season. (June 20 - Nov 13)

  • An invoice will be sent by email each Monday, starting on June 17. This is when you can set up auto-pay.

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How Paying during the Season works

  • Two weeks are paid for at sign-up to help with the upfront cost of growing your share. This will be credited to the first 2 weeks of the season.

  • We recommend setting up auto-pay on your first invoice (June 17). This makes it easier on both ends. The Farm doesn’t have to worry about re-sending invoices each week and you won’t forget to pay and miss a delivery.

  • Cancel at any time, please let us know why you are canceling. We put a lot of hard work into our CSA but we understand its not for everyone.

Once you have Signed Up

  • We will notify you by email a week before the season starts, and let you know what day your share will be delivered. Normally Wednesday or Thursday starting in June.

  • Your delivery day will remain the same throughout the season unless we notify you.

  • Your box will contain 8-9 items from what is harvested that week at the farm.

  • You do not have to be present when we drop off your box; leave the previous box out for the farm to reuse.

  • Check your email for our News Letter, and recipes for each week’s delivery.

  • We suggest placing a cooler outside, but isn’t required.

  • Facebook is also a great place to stay informed. We ask everyone that signs up to like our Page.

  • As always call or email me with any question you have, or check out our FAQ page.