Half Share


Half Share


Half Share - Overview

  • Delivered Weekly

  • 24 weeks (June 5 - November 14)

  • 5-6 Items, Including at least 1 Fruit or Berry

  • Specialty Items Included ( At least 4 throughout the season)

  • News Letter and Recipes (Emailed Weekly)


  • First 2 Weeks are paid at sign-up. (June 5, 13)

  • 22 payments of $27 are paid weekly during the season. (June 20 - Nov 13)

  • An invoice will be sent by email each Monday, starting on June 17. This is when you can set up auto-pay.

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How Paying During the Season Works

  • Two weeks are paid for at sign-up to help with the upfront cost of growing your share. This will be credited to the first 2 weeks of the season.

  • We recommend setting up auto-pay on your first invoice (June 17). This makes it easier on both ends. The Farm doesn’t have to worry about re-sending invoices each week and you won’t forget to pay and miss a delivery.

  • Cancel at any time, please let us know why you are canceling. We put alot of hard work into our CSA but we understand its not for everyone.

Once you have Signed Up

  • We will notify you by email a week before the season starts, and let you know what day your share will be delivered. Normally Wednesday or Thursday starting in June.

  • Your delivery day will remain the same throughout the season unless we notify you.

  • Your box will contain 5-6 items from what is harvested that week at the farm.

  • You do not have to be present when we drop off your box; leave the previous box out for the farm to reuse.

  • Check your email for our News Letter, and recipes for each week’s delivery.

  • We suggest placing a cooler outside, but isn’t required.

  • Facebook is also a great place to stay informed. We ask everyone that signs up to like our Page.

  • As always call or email me with any question you have, or check out our FAQ page.