CSA Terms and Conditions 

Payment By Signing up and paying in full for the entire season, you agree to share the risk of Full Circle Farm’s harvest. All sales are final. We do our best to provide you with the maximum items for your share each week. In the event of a drought, flood, fire, terrorism, or any other natural disaster, your share size may be limited. When we have an excess of crops, your share will contain more then the maximum items.

Delivery Our delivery area is subject to change and is not guaranteed. If you sign up and are outside of the delivery area, we will return your payment. In the event we change our delivery area, your share will be refunded for the remaining weeks.

Paying Weekly A 2 week, non refundable deposit along with auto-pay is required. Your deposit will be credited to the last 2 weeks of the season. If you cancel your CSA, your deposit will not be refunded. Note even though you may cancel your CSA, you still share the risk in our growing season and may not receive your entire share some weeks during the season.

Missing weeks We must be notified at the beginning of the delivery week if you chose to skip your delivery. We will either double your items the following week or you can chose to add a couple items each week until your missing week is caught up. In the event you don’t want your items for that week, it will be donated to Howard County Food Bank.

Items each week We pack all of the shares the same each week from what is harvested. We can not guarantee a particular item. If you are allergic to a particular crop, we ask that you use your common sense. We can not guarantee you won’t receive a certain crop.

Specialty items Four specialty items are provided throughout the season, (six if paid in full). If your specialty item is damaged or bad, we will replace it the following week.


  • We are not liable for your share after it has been dropped off to your delivery location

  • We ask that you place your empty box from the previous week outside for the farm to reuse.

  • We recommend placing a cooler outside to place your share into.

  • In the event your share is stolen or destroyed, we will replace it one time during the season.