What is a CSA

Community Support Agriculture (CSA) is a way for people to connect to a local farm. They receive part of the harvest each week during the growing season in exchange for paying upfront before the season starts. This tremendously helps a local farm by giving them a guaranteed income and reduces waste from unsold vegetables. This allows them to put most of their focus on growing. As a result people who join a CSA receive fresh, high quality produce that is locally grown and learn how the seasons and weather affect their weekly harvest.

Why Join Full Circle Farm’s CSA?

Every CSA is unique but follow the same principle. You pay upfront and get vegetables throughout the season. Our CSA is different from the traditional CSA in many different ways and here’s why.

Delivery We deliver all of our shares right to you the same day every week. We found this was the most convenient way for our members to receive their share. No more worrying about missing a week from not being able to pick it up. We started delivering in 2017 and we’re not stopping!

No Unwanted Greens No large greens will be added to your weekly share. (Kale, Collards, Chard) However we still grow baby greens for salads, and spinach. We try to only add one salad green per week during spring and fall. But you do take request and try to give our members mostly what they want.

Variety We pack all of the shares the same each week from what is harvested. The boxes contain the most popular and easy to use vegetables. However do expect to receive, Rainbow beets, Fennel, Leeks, and Kohlrabi during the season. Our members love seeing what is new each week. They know it will always be a great selection.

Communication This is by far the most important thing we do at Full Circle Farm. We are always available by phone or email. If there is ever a problem with your delivery just let us know. We have replaced items the same day, but at the latest, we will add extra to your next delivery. Even if you have a question on how to cook a certain vegetable, feel free to call me.

Specialty Items We include at least 4 items throughout the season made from local businesses. We trade our produce for items and give them to our members. Our goal is to start creating products from our unsold vegetables, such as vegetable stock, ketchup, pickled vegetables, and canned tomatoes. We hope to have a few products we created to give to our members this year plus the 4 items we trade for.

Recipes and News letter At the beginning of the week, you will receive a news letter by email. This will tell you what to expect with the week’s delivery, along with several recipes. The recipes use mostly what you have received for that week. The news letter will also give you updates about the growing season and new ideas we are working on.

Pay Weekly Joining a CSA is a huge commitment and we understand paying all upfront isn’t affordable for everyone. We have an option that for people to pay weekly during the season. We only require the first 2 weeks be paid for at sign up and then the remaining of the season is paid weekly. The first 2 weeks helps off-set the upfront cost of farming. This is a great way to try our CSA! You can cancel at any time!


The Details

24 Weeks: Summer/Fall Full Share: $38/week (8-9 items) Half Share: $27/week (5-6 items) Specialty Items: Included

Dates: June 5th - November 13th

All Shares Are Delivered: (Within our delivery area)

Baltimore County Harford County Howard County Northern Montgomery and A.A. County Parts of Baltimore City

Terms and Conditions: Click HERE