Do I get to choose what goes into my share?

No, All Shares are packed the same according to size and harvest each week. We do let members prefer one item over another but we can not guarantee it every week.

Can I spilt my share with someone?

Yes, However we will not split your share and deliver it to two different locations. One person must pay and receive the share and make arrangements to split it with another person themselves.

What happens if I miss a week?

We ask that you notifly us at the beginning of the delivery week that you will be missing.

You have 3 options for a missed week.

-Your share can be double the following week

-Your share can have an extra item(s) the following weeks until caught up.

-Your share can be donated to Howard County Food Bank

Why are specialty items included and what can I expect?

We like to thank our members for joining by giving them specialty items. We are currently not set up to take orders for items each week but you can expect atleast 4 throughout the season.

You can expect, Bread, Jars, Honey, Spices, and much more. We plan on creating our own specialty item with unsold vegetables and offering it to our members.

Is Full Circle Farm Organic?

Yes, but we are not certified organic. We follow the same organic practices as being certified. No Pesticides or Herbcides are used. Our farm is on leased land and the process to become certified is not economic for our small farm.

What is an Item?

Shares are packed each week with a certain number of "item's"

Item examples Quart of Tomatoes, 2 winter squash, 1/2 pound of salad mix, Bunch of Carrots, 2 Heads Broccoli. 5-6 Apples, 4-5 Cucumbers.

Some Item's "half" and we use our common sense.

Example 1 head broccoli + 1 winter squash = 1 item, 2 Cucumber + 3 Apples = 1 item

What can I expect in my Share?

A diverse variety of farm fresh Vegetables. Your share will contain whats in season. Shares in the Summer will contain different items then in the Fall.

Atleast 1 Item of Fruit (Berries, Melons, Peaches, Apples)

No Large Greens (Kales, Chard, Collards) unless requested

Can I cancel my CSA membership?

Yes, However you will lose your deposit. No Refunds will be made to members who pay in full for the season. Under extreme conditions, please contact me directly and we can try to work out a solution.

You can transfer your share to another member as long as they're in our delivery area, and we agree to the transfer.

How does the weekly pay work?

A 2 week deposit along with auto-pay is required. The 2 week deposit helps us with the upfront cost of your share and will be credited to the last 2 weeks of the season. Auto-pay is required to make it easier for the farm (and you), so there is no confusion during the season and we can focus on providing you with the best veggies!

Auto-Pay doesn't start until the first week of the season(June). Your desposit is due at sign up and holds your spot for the season.

Where do you deliver?

Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, Parts of Baltimore City, Parts of Montgemery County, Parts of Prince George County.

In the event you sign up and are outside of our delivery zone, we will refund you entire purchase.

What if my share is damaged or stolen?

Yes, we have had shares stolen from our members' house.

We will replace your share one time during the season. Kept in mind that the farm is not responsible after we drop your share off. We ask you place a cooler out front of your house or give us instruction on where to drop your share off each week, (Example the back door or inside the porch).

Can I still join after the season has started?

Yes, you share will be prorated for the weeks that you have missed. You can still pay weekly but the 2 week deposit is still required.

We will accept members until we are full.

We accept 150 members per season.

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